Hypnosis, a natural and normal nervous system phenomenon helps you focus and concentrate to achieve your goals. Hypnosis is a familiar and very natural state of consciousness most you experience on a regular basis.  Examples of experiencing hypnosis include: just before falling asleep, while watching TV, or while sitting entranced in front of the fireplace.

According to The Concise Columbia Encyclopedia: “Hypnosis is a state of consciousness characterized by focused concentration, similar to that experienced when daydreaming or concentrating and oblivious to distraction. It allows access to the highly suggestible subconscious mind by quieting the conscious mind. Research has shown electrical changes in the brain during hypnosis; the brain waves of a hypnotized person are usually different from those of a person in the normal waking state. Most people can be hypnotized, although the ability varies from person to person. Techniques vary but usually involve deep relaxation accompanied by the focusing of the mind.”

Your Innate, Powerful Hypnosis Skill

Regularly using your inborn ability to hypnotize yourself and use it, you powerfully and effectively can use this mental phenomenon to assist you toward goal achievement. During a hypnosis session, you are in control. Hypnosis is safe and effective. The professionally trained hypnotist acts as a guide to direct you to connect with your own internal wisdom to achieve goals and create solutions to your life challenges.

Hypnosis for Self Improvement
What goals can you achieve with intense focus and concentration abilities at the forefront of your mind?  The following list suggests just some things you can achieve using hypnosis:

Stop smoking
Manage weight and reduce cravings
Become more organized
Remove clutter
Alcohol & drug abatement
Release Anger
Deeply relax
Reduce stress
Improve self confidence
Reduce bullying
Attain self-esteem

Reduce pain
Prepare for surgery
Recover from surgery
Assist healing
Reduce IBS symptoms
Minimize childbirth pain
Stop biting fingernails
Reduce the blues

Process grief
Enhance sports performance
Raise performance levels
Reduce stage fright
Develop talents
Increase abundance
Improve sales
Increase motivation
Improve work habits
Enhance job skills
Improve study habits
Ease test taking
Sleep better
Overcome fears, such as flying, driving, heights,
bridges, presentations, oral exams
Remove blockages
Improve relationships
Enhance sexuality
Deepen spirituality
………and more

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