Calm, Confident Public Speaking


No More Public Speaking Fear

What do Julia Roberts, Tiger Woods, Bruce Willis, Jimmy Stewart, Rowan Atkinson, Samuel L. Jackson, and Winston Churchill all have in common? At sometime in their lives they stuttered. People who stutter often dislike the idea of publicly speaking. They fear no one will be able to understand or find it tedious to listen to them.

Be Your Own Best Friend

Now put yourself in the place of any of the above listed famous people. They are NOT examples of your public speaking competition. If you try to think of them as your competition, you are mentally setting yourself up to be in a “no win” contest.

Obviously successful in the eyes of their adoring fans, they all overcame their public speaking fear issues. Are you up to investing the time and effort in developing a calm, confident public speaking ability like they did? You are the one who will choose.

Think you have to beat the social pressure of always having to appear perfect before your audience? That is another example of thinking in terms of a “no win competition” attitude.

How can you possibly feel comfortable speaking publicly if you routinely tell yourself your ideas only deserve to be accepted in some instances? The truth is, you can’t. Unless or until you accept, acknowledge and respect yourself as valuable for who you are you may continue to feel afraid to speak publicly.

But I can help you with that. I know about getting over the hurdles to feeling calm before an audience. I can relate to your experience. And that’s why I want to help you see there ARE easy options to feeling calm speaking publicly.

Check yourself out by completing this simple 3 question quiz:

Do you say “no” to public speaking opportunities assuming no one really wants to hear your ideas?  (Yes or no?)

Even though public speaking scares the daylights out of you, would you relish the idea of gaining the ability to feel comfortable publicly sharing your message? (Yes or no?)

Are you a leader who would love people in your audience to look at you and see a calm, confident public speaker? (Yes or no?)

You only have one chance to live life to the fullest.  Why limit your time here on earth to feeling afraid to share your views about what could be vitally important to others?

The fact remains that public speaking is still the #1 fear among people.  But the truth is, they only feel afraid to speak their mind because they BELIEVE that idea. And I can show you how to change the way you think to change your life.

It takes an experienced, seasoned, public speaking professional who now feels calm and confident speaking publicly to show you how to do it, too. After years of public speaking experience, my clients love the strategies I share with them for developing this important life success skill.

Are you ready to move ahead in your public life?   You do have one if you want to develop the public speaking skill. And sometimes your audience of one is your partner in life. Did you ever think feeling afraid to share your real thoughts with your partner, your children, your co-workers, your friends, are all examples of being afraid to speak publicly? Think about it.

As a professional consulting hypnotist, I can show you natural focus and concentration techniques to be the public speaker YOU desire to be. Please call me today so we can talk about your goals to excel in life by becoming a calm, confident public speaker.   I can be reached in the US and Canada at 610-248-235 or by emailing me at HypnoPathCenter@gmail.