Hypnotherapy and Smoking Cessation

Hypnosis And Smoking Cessation

Hypnosis And Smoking Cessation


Can hypnosis really help you get rid of bad habits? Can it really help you do anything from no longer biting your nails to no longer smoking? Is hypnosis a stronger force than the addiction forming habit of nicotine?

In truth, you CAN greatly improve the chances of becoming a non-smoker using hypnosis. Smoking or using tobacco in any form is a habit. Like any habit, you are the one driving its continued existence in your life. YOU are the boss of you. A cigarette is NEVER the boss of you. If you choose to continue thinking as you always have, when it comes to habits, you will continue to BEHAVE the way you always have according to how much you believe those thoughts to be true for you.

Nothing Broken About You That Needs Fixing

When you establish a habit, there is nothing broken about you. So, nothing about you needs to “be fixed.” The main things required of you to change your habit are a change in belief and commitment to the new beliefs. If you commit to investing in improving your health, you will.

Burnt Out Light Bulbs DO Need To Be Exchanged With New Ones

Like any quit smoking plan, you also need to dedicate yourself to recognizing change is necessary. Ever have a light bulb burn out in a lamp? The solution to getting light again is to first accept that change is necessary. In this case, it’s a light bulb. When it comes to a behavior change, to get a different result from the one you are currently getting for your smoking habit, change IS necessary. A new light bulb won’t help you stop smoking. A new way of thinking will.

Reliable Results Depend On You

You can’t just expect hypnosis to instantly fix the habit for you. You have to desire and work to quit ANY addiction. You can’t quit because someone else wants you to quit. YOU have to quit because YOU want to quit.

And some habits are very much like addictions. Luckily, hypnosis can help you see things differently so you no longer feel a desire to smoke.   And once you extinguish your smoking desire, you no longer even want to smoke.

So if it can’t just up and fix the problem like a plumber fixes a dripping faucet, what good is hypnosis if you want to quit smoking? To understand that, let’s first talk about how hypnosis works.

A Summary About What Happens In Your Hypnosis Session

When you participate in a hypnosis session, a trained hypnosis professional suggests ideas so you can see the situation differently. You relax and focus on concentrate on ideas that actually help you improve the quality of your life.

A professional hypnotist is just like you. He or she BELIEVES in developing personally. So, he or she LOVES to see you WANTS to improve your life. He or she genuinely cares about helping you. So, he or she will always say things intended to help you achieve your goals.

The subconscious mind contains within it an innate program that actually protects you from hurting yourself or working against your true nature. So, even if the hypnotist suggests something you refuse to do, you will simply refuse to do it. You see, your success is actually up to you. That’s why you need a trained hypnotist coaching you.

Another person on your personal development team helps you see from a different perspective than your own. And that is why investing in hypnosis session becomes so priceless. Your hypnotic coach knows strategies outside of your conscious awareness for personal development.

In the session, instead of believing you need something external to you to feel welcomed, wanted, loved, valued and accepted as wonderful for who you are, you discover that no physical object, including cigarettes, takes the place of your own self-esteem. It is YOUR opinion about yourself that matters. So, in the session you may also start to build your self-esteem. And it may pour over into other areas of your life, too.

YOU create your opinions about yourself. Cigarettes can never think for you or make you popular or lovable or whatever you’ve tricked yourself into believing about cigarettes. The truth is, the marketing promotion of cigarettes is a trick. The truth also is cigarettes and tobacco is dangerous. Scientific research PROVES that smoking cigarettes negatively impacts your life.

Smoking Triggers

However you’ve conditioned your mind to believe cigarettes benefit you some how, it all is related to mental triggers. For example, if you’re craving a cigarette, it’s because you’ve conditioned your mind to trigger yourself to smoke. In hypnosis, the trained hypnotist helps you eliminate these triggers so you no longer crave to believe a cigarette needs to be a part of your life for any reason.

Most people who’ve used hypnosis and the power of their own mind to quit smoking report they feel much happier they’ve eliminated this self-limiting habit. You can join them and discover how to finally be free of your self-sabotaging habits whether it be smoking, wanting to lose excess weight, for chronic pain management or many others goals.

So if you’re wondering if hypnosis can help you quit your smoking habit, the answer is most likely yes. Just imagine the possibilities of what you life could be as the empowered, non-smoking you.