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Hypnosis For Weight Loss – Myth Or Fact?

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shutterstock_100832968Hypnosis For Weight Loss – Myth Or Fact?


Nowadays, when people hear the term hypnosis, a couple of images come to mind. That of an audience laughing at a stage hypnotist and that of a professional trained in helping people achieve goals.

When people see a stage hypnotist, the volunteers from the audience that willingly walk up on stage agree to participate and behave according to entertaining hypnotic suggestions. It’s done all in fun.

But, did you know that hypnosis and self-hypnosis, innate skills to help you focus and concentrate, can be used to help you achieve important life goals? It’s true! And when it comes to weight loss, hypnosis can significantly help you achieve those goals and improve your life quality.

In reality, hypnotism is used by thousands of trained professionals everyday not only to help people overcome or eliminate debilitating mental and physical conditions, but also to help with weight loss. This article addresses how the focus and concentration skill known as hypnosis can lead to outstanding weight loss results, something that you should definitely consider looking into.

What Is Hypnosis?


When a professional hypnotist guides you to hypnotize yourself, they work directly with your subconscious mind. Think of your subconscious mind like it’s a memory storage system. It contains all kinds of memorized ideas from your life.

Almost anytime we express a strong emotion, we create a hypnotic mind state. That means when you feel happy, sad, angry, sneeze, laugh, or intensely focus and concentrate on an idea, you’ve most likely also created a hypnotic mind state for yourself.

The professionally trained hypnotist also knows how to interact with your conscious mind. By doing so, they suggest ideas for you to consciously include as you think about your life situations and relationships. When you see situations differently you can actually change what they mean to you.

For example, suppose you developed the habit of thinking negatively about your life. If you generally believe you must struggle during life, you make life hard for yourself. Conversely, if you generally believe you are the luckiest person in the world, life becomes much more enjoyable.

When developing your self-hypnosis skills during sessions with a professional hypnotist, you can change your mental attitude from negative to positive. This new look on life helps you improve the quality of life in all life areas.

Thousands of cases over many years’ time proves that hypnotism works very well for those that want to lose weight, simply by changing your mind. Because of your mind and brain’s ability to be so flexible, you can join the millions of others who have changed their mind to change their life. This remains true for virtually any life goal, including weight loss.

Thoughts Really Are Things

The phrase, “You are what you eat!” rings true. If you eat a mainly processed food products like refined sugary treats, junk food and things with chemical that never provide much natural nutrition, you will undoubtedly gain weight. Too much sugar in the bloodstream is automatically converted into stored body fat, causing most people to gain weight, especially as they age past their teenage years.

You can do many things such as taking supplements to increase the utilization of adipose cells, stop the normal action of storing fat, or even increase your internal metabolism to reach your weight loss objectives. However, science consistently shows us an easier way to maintain a healthy body size. You first change the way you subconsciously think about food using hypnotism. Once you focus intently and concentrate on putting real food fuel into your body, and exercise your body, the body naturally slims down at a natural pace.

Want to enjoy excellent weight loss results, without having to starve yourself?   Go natural. Use hypnosis for a drug-free method of achieving your goals including losing excess weight.