Free Yourself From Smoking

By Using Smoking Cessation Hypnosis

Kicking the smoking habit can be a real challenge for many smokers. For many tobacco users and smokers, using tobacco seems “normal.” Deep down they know the deadly habit contributes to robbing them of good health. Having a greater risk of developing cancer, heart and lung disease, strokes, etc., smokers may want to consciously quit the habit but feel compelled to keep doing it.

Nicotine Physiologically Causes Resistance

For those who truly want to quit, hypnosis can be the answer to ending the habit.

The chemical nicotine can physiologically make smoking cessation difficult. Even smokers with the strongest will power may struggle to quit smoking without help.

Smokers trying conventional “quitting” programs that include nicotine patches, gums, counseling and other methods, may still fail to quit. Why? The answer can be complicated. But using hypnosis simplifies things by helping the smoker see how to crush the habit’s triggers.

How Can Hypnosis Help You Quit Smoking?

Hypnosis, a natural and normal focus and concentration phenomenon of the human’s nervous system helps you achieve goals. You hypnotize yourself regularly as you use your conscious and subconscious mind. Learning how to use this natural goal achievement tool for smoking cessation makes sense.

In a hypnosis session, the trained and professional hypnotist suggests ways smokers can change what cigarettes mean to them. When a person is in a relaxed, hypnotic state, a smoker sees the value of the habit from a different viewpoint. These differing viewpoints helps smokers become non-smokers by recognizing that cigarettes are an unnecessary object to successfully sustain your life.

When you are in a relaxed hypnotic state, you are most receptive to new suggestions about living as a non-smoker. As you, the non-smoker, understand that cigarettes are external objects unattached to you, providing no biological benefit to you, new ideas help you see they do nothing for you.

The ideas about cigarettes are all in your mind. That’s why changing your mind about what cigarettes and smoking means to you helps you see the value in no longer smoking.

Unlike what you may see during an intentionally entertaining hypnosis stage show, using hypnosis to achieve personal goals helps you focus on doing that. And, just like those volunteering to participate in a stage show, you can never be forced to do something against your will.   You are simply in a coaching session with a professional trained to help you focus and concentrate on goals you want to achieve.

You Can Do This With Support of A Coach

You act according to your beliefs. When you change your beliefs, your behavior changes. And that’s what happens for you in a smoking cessation session.

Many ex-smokers report enjoying their permanent smoking cessation success by using hypnosis. This drug-free method helps you dissolve your co-dependency on tobacco use in any form. If you have been trying unsuccessfully to stop smoking, hypnosis can help you succeed.

You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain by being a quitter. Smoking cessation hypnosis can be the key to freedom from smoking forever!

So what’s your next step? Get the coaching you want to stop feeling afraid to live your life. Please call me today so we can create a meaningful smoking cessation strategy that really works for you. I can be reached in the US and Canada at   610-248-235 or by emailing me at HypnoPathCenter@gmail.