Stress and Fear Elimination

Stress! We’ve all experienced it. Often we feel stressed because we feel threatened something bad is happening or will happen. Wouldn’t it be great to feel free of fear, worries and uncertainty in life? Believe it or not, hypnosis can help you do just that.

How Can Hypnosis Help Get Rid of Fear and Stress?

When we feel stressed, afraid or worried, we imagine things going against what we want in life. Think about being a young child and imagining a monster living in your closet. Did you ever have nightmares as a child? If so, that is an example of imagining, using your mind, something going against you feeling physically safe.

However, as you aged and matured, you discovered the monster never lived in your closet. Instead, the IDEA of a monster physically living in your closet was all in your mind. AND, most likely, you hypnotized yourself using thoughts, signals, symbols, or thought patterns to create those scary mind images.

The mind images made the idea of a monster in the closet seem SO real! This created additional mind images to support you believing that a real monster somehow magically appeared in your closet.

As you kept playing the role of and anticipating that a monster would keep appearing, you kept yourself feeling afraid. And if you feel irrational fear about something now, it may have developed into a habit.

Essentially, the memories of your childhood are being replayed in your adulthood.   It may seem that your fears control you. And that keeps you stressed and held back in life.

Expressing Strong Emotion Is Hypnosis

Almost anytime we express a strong emotion, we also create a hypnotic mind state. When we listen to and believe self-limiting or self-sabotaging suggestions, we hold ourselves back in life. Luckily, as a professionally trained hypnotist, I can help you unlearn these thinking patterns that provide no real benefit to you.

Would you love learning how to anticipate living a life of good luck as your normal life routine? How about imagining that you really CAN get that job promotion because you act so confidently decisive the boss knows it’s true, too? Or, what about having the meaningful relationship you’ve always dreamed of enjoying?

Developing your hypnosis skills can help you achieve many life goals. Sound like the way you really want to live your life? If you’d like to turn your life around instead of holding yourself back, I’m here to help you with that.

You can reduce stress in your life and reduce fear causing you to struggle. Hypnosis makes it possible.

So what’s your next step? Get the coaching you want to stop feeling afraid to live your life. Please call me today so we can create a confidence building strategy that really works for you. I can be reached in the US and Canada at 610-248-235 or by emailing me at HypnoPathCenter@gmail.